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  • Les jeux en ligne du Big Challenge

    15 January 2015 ( #Useful tools )

    Que vous vous inscriviez ou non au concours THE BIG CHALLENGE, vous avez la possibilité de vous entrainer tout en vous amusant : - Le YES NO GAME pour réviser tout le vocabulaire de base – vous apprendrez d’abord comment le mot s’écrit, puis comment il...

  • THE BIG CHALLENGE 2016 : save the date !

    14 September 2015

    The next edition of The Big Challenge will take place on Tuesday, 3 May 2016. Be sure to mark your calendars! The new site is on line now. You can already start reviewing basic vocabulary by playing the Yes No Game starting with easy categories (text...

  • PICTURE CONTEST : first photograph

    18 February 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    Have you seen this picture before ? What is it and where is it ? If you know the answer, click on " add comment " to send it. Hurry up, the first one to come up with the right answer will be the winner. Need some help ? Visit Mme Monin's blog, you will...

  • BRAVEHEART by Mel GIBSON (year 10)

    01 March 2009 ( #Cinema )

    Last October we worked on William WALLACE's life and watched Braveheart in class (thanks to Yoann, 10B, who lent me his DVD for a week). William Wallace was Scottish. He was born more than 7 centuries ago, in 1272 in Elderslie, Scotland . Wallace's father...

  • What can I do, by The Corrs (year 10)

    05 March 2009 ( #Music )

    The Corrs are the Pride of Ireland. They are a traditional Irish pop-rock group whose music has Celtic roots . The family band is made up of 4 siblings : 3 sisters, Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and 1 brother, Jim. They created their band 19 years ago, in...

  • PICTURE CONTEST : third photograph

    10 March 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    Here's a new pic and a new challenge for you : What is it and where is it ? www.panoramio.com Send your answer quickly ! You're right, Marius (and Apolline !). It is Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences. It is in the City of Westminster, London . Since...

  • DANCES WITH WOLVES by Kevin Costner (year 10)

    10 March 2009 ( #Cinema )

    First, Michael Blake wrote a book called Dances with wolves in 1988. Then, in 1990 Kevin Costner, the famous American actor, turned the film into a huge cinema hit. Dances with wolves is an epic film which tells the story of a United States Army lieutenant,...


    12 March 2009 ( #Special events )

    LE PRINTEMPS DES POETES Here is a new challenge sponsored by Madame MONIN : As it is "le printemps des poètes" at school at the moment, write your own poem or choose a poem which you like... Grégory (10C) sent me his poem earlier on by e-mail. Here it...


    31 March 2009 ( #Special events )

    April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day , is not a real holiday but an important day celebrated in France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand,and the United States on April 1st. It's also celebrated in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland,...

  • PICTURE CONTEST: seventh photograph

    07 May 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    Here is a new challenge for you. It's a bit different as it is not a place this time but a celebrity. http://animatedtv.about.com Who is this man ? What's his name ? Have you seen him before ? That's right, Sonia, his name is Aaron McGruder. He's American...

  • SUPERMARKET LADY by Duane HANSON (10 A class)

    02 November 2014 ( #Art )

    We have studied this sculpture in class and this is what some of my 14-year-old pupils think: Emilie : "This is a picture. On this photo I can see a sculpture of an American woman pushing a shopping cart full of junk food. This sculpture looks real. The...


    12 March 2009 ( #Special events )

    Red Nose Day is coming soon, this year it is on Friday March 13th ! But What is Red Nose Day ? Red Nose Day is a big charity event. The Comic Relief team takes some fantastic fund-raising in schools, offices and homes across the United Kingdom, mixes...

  • It is MAY DAY today !

    01 May 2010 ( #Special events )

    The first day of the month of May is known as May Day. It is the time of year when warmer weather begins and flowers and trees start to blossom. It is said to be a time of love and romance. It is when people celebrate the coming of summer with lots of...


    11 December 2010 ( #Competition )

    Un concours de dessin est lancé pour les élèves de 6ème C et de 6ème D. Ils doivent écouter attentivement la chanson This is a cat de Patricia Johnston et la représenter sur une feuille A4 cartonnée. Les plus belles oeuvres seront récompensées. A vos...


    10 March 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    At Grégory's request, here is the fourth picture. As 10C-pupils have soooo much free time this afternoon, here's to keep you busy... What is a typical English breakfast composed of ? Have a good look at thie picture and list 12 different items. A full...


    20 April 2009 ( #Homework )

    http://www.lhup.edu/ Homework : do exercise 8 page 69 in your activity books, then email it before Friday, May Ist. You'll have to write Sir Arthur CONAN DOYLE's biography. So you're right, Arthur Conan Doyle was born in 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He...

  • THE SUPERLATIVE (year 8)

    21 June 2009 ( #Grammar )

    Have a look at these 3 girls : Sonia is the tallest. Who is she ? le superlatif (supériorité) formation Adjectifs d'une "syllabe" the + adjectif + est 1. tall, small, old the tallest, the smallest, the oldest 2. s'ils se terminent par consonne-voyelle-consonne...


    30 January 2012 ( #Competition )

    La deuxième manche du défi lecture in English aura lieu vendredi 3 février prochain. La rencontre se déroulera sur le même principe que pour la première rencontre, à savoir par visioconférence. Les 4 équipes en lice, The Bloggers d'Héraklion, The Saint...

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 18th photograph

    23 October 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    Here's this week's mystery picture : Who was he ? What was his name ? Need help ? Click on this link... Well done Manon (8C) ! His name was Guy Fawkes. He was a Catholic. On November 5th , 1605 he tried to blow up the Parliament in London and kill the...

  • Write the date...

    23 April 2009 ( #Revisions )

    If you need to revise the date, here's a link to practise ! And test your knowledge on the days of the week by clicking on this link And don't forget, you can have an extra point if you write the date correctly on your tests ! What day is supposed to...


    30 November 2008 ( #Patron saints )

    Today is Saint Andrew's day. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and St Andrews Day is celebrated on November, 30th each year in Scotland and by Scottish people around the world. Andrew was one of the 12 Christian apostles and a fisherman like...


    22 October 2009 ( #Special events )

    Halloween (read previous article) or "All Hallow's Eve" in old English, is coming soon. Halloween started in Ireland and Scotland. Then it went to North America with immigrants from those countries. And finally it came to France and Germany from the USA....


    12 April 2009 ( #Special events )

    It is Easter Sunday today ! Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Children eat chocolate eggs and bunnies. 74% of kids eat chocolate bunnies ears first ! (ie. Enjoy English in 6è page 80) For those who believe in God, those who are Catholics...


    17 December 2009 ( #Music )

    We wish you a Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good tidings we bring to you and your kin, Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year. Oh, bring us a figgy pudding Oh, bring us a figgy...


    08 October 2008 ( #Special events )

    download-free-pictures.com/history/columbus-discovers-america When Christopher Columbus arrived in the Bahamas in 1492, he thought he was in India. That is why he called the people "Indians". The Europeans wanted gold but they also discovered potatoes,...

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