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December 16 2010 5 16 /12 /December /2010 17:47
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November 17 2010 4 17 /11 /November /2010 08:44

Some of you still can't write the date properly. Here's a reminder:


Today is: mercredi 17 novembre 2010

In British English today is Wednesday, 17th Novembrer 2010

In American English, today is Wednesday, November 17th or Wednesday, November 17th 2010

When we speak, we say: Today is Wednesday the seventeenth of November 2010.

Click here for more!


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September 19 2009 7 19 /09 /September /2009 15:12
Here's the alphabet song we listen to in class :

If you'd like to practise your alphabet and play at the same time, click here. Have fun !


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May 2 2009 7 02 /05 /May /2009 18:14

If you're still not so sure about  the passive voice, here's a link to an exercise.

Don't forget to have a look at my previous article entitled THE PASSIVE VOICE.

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May 2 2009 7 02 /05 /May /2009 17:00

Who is who?
brother? nephew? uncle?

If you want to revise family relationship, click here (link)

You can try these matching exercises :  link


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April 25 2009 7 25 /04 /April /2009 13:00

Why not revise a bit of vocabulary and do a few exercises with pictures ? link

Then, why don't you test your knowledge with this quiz (= 5 questions prepared by Isabel Pérez, a teacher from Montpellier):  link

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April 25 2009 7 25 /04 /April /2009 08:02

English people love talking about the weather. "Lovely day, isn't it ?"

What's the weather like ?
Click on these link ; link  to revise.

Let's revise some vocabulary !  link
This is a well-known song :

 It's raining, it's pouring (link)

"It's raining, it's pouring
The old man is snoring

He went to bed and he
Bumped his head
And he couldn't get up in the morning."



This is another famous song, which we talked about (year 8) : suggestions for a rainy day
"Why not borrow your dad's umbrella, go out and sing and dance in the rain ?"

 I'm singin' in the rain by Gene KELLY

And remember, you can have an extra point on your English papers if the date is written correctly.

What does the expression "I'm feeling under the weather" means ? You still haven't answered the riddle (see IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS)

Who said " Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day" ?
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April 23 2009 5 23 /04 /April /2009 19:52

If you need to revise the date, here's a link to practise !
And test your knowledge on the days of the week by clicking on this  link

And don't forget, you can have an extra point if you write the date correctly on your tests !

What day is supposed to be lucky for some, and unlucky for others ?

You're right! It is Friday 13th!

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April 23 2009 5 23 /04 /April /2009 19:37
If you need to revise the time or if you'd like to practise, here are a few exercises :

Start with this matching exercise : link

Then go on with this one : link

And finally, visit this really good website : link

Have fun !

By the way, can you say "it's twelve (o'clock)" differently ?
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April 22 2009 4 22 /04 /April /2009 07:03

If you'd like to practise your pronunciation or just listen and revise your colours, click on this link

Then you can test your knowledge with thess quizzes : link ; link ; link

What is your favourite colour ?
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