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We have studied this sculpture in class and this is what some of my 14-year-old pupils think:

Emilie : "This is a picture. On this photo I can see a sculpture of an American woman pushing a shopping cart full of junk food. This sculpture looks real. The sculptor is Duane Hanson.


Supermarket Lady by Duane HANSON, 1969-70

The woman isn't elegant, she is overweight. She is unattractive. She doesn't seem cheerful. She isn't smiling. She is middle-aged, maybe she is in her forties.  She is wearing a pink top, a blue skirt and light blue slippers. She has got  a yellow necklace, a bracelet and a black handbag. She has got curlers in her hair and she has a yellow scarf on her head. She is smoking a cigarette.


In her trolley there is so much bad food. For example, there is chocolate, sugar, cans, cakes but she doesn't buy fruits and vegetables ! I think she rarely does the cooking. Maybe she is a couch potato.

Duane Hanson wanted to denounce mass consumption in the USA in the 60's.

I like this sculputure because it is realistic, but I don't like it because the woman is ugly. So, I don't know if I like this sculpture or not."


Théo : " Duane Hanson was a Pop art artist. He wanted to criticize overconsumption and the consumer society."


Alice : "Duane Hanson was an American sculptor. He was born in 1925 and he died in 1996."


Paul : "The woman is unattractive. She is pushing a trolley full of fatty food in a supermarket."


Mathilde H. : "The woman is horrible. She is chubby."


Clarice : "The sculpture seems real."


Mathilde L. : "The full-scale sculpture is 1,66 m tall. The woman always eats fast food and she never eats healthy food. She should go on a diet or she should do sport !"


Justine : "I don't like this sculpture because it is not beautiful."


These texts were written by the pupils without any help. They didn't use the internet nor their notebooks.


To learn more about Duane Hanson, click here.

To discover more sculptures by Duane Hanson, click here.


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Marina 11/24/2014 16:38

Many times in our life we eat unhealthy food. We go to the supermarket and we buy a lot of things.

Hanson who is a sculptor made a sculpture which is an overweight woman. This woman goes to the supermarket and she has put in her cart unhealthy food.

I think that we always must eat healthy food, but sometimes we can eat unhealthy food. This sculptor gives us "food for thought!"

George 11/24/2014 16:33

I understand that the sculpture sends a message that is: We mustn't eat unhealthy food because we are going to get fat and overweight.

Manolis and Leuteris 11/24/2014 16:30

She is a little fat and she has bought many unhealthy products.

This is a problem because we mustn't eat junk food. Another problem is overconsumption.

This means that we don't need all the things that we buy.

We must buy only the necessary things.

Themis 11/24/2014 16:19

We mustn't spend our money on unhealthy food, because we are going to be couch potatoes. When I see the sculpture I think art gives food for thought. "The message" it "sends" to us is "don't be
like me, don't be like me!"

kosakofskaargyro 11/21/2014 12:09

Some people are obese.This woman picture buys unhealthy food.In America the people spend money on things which are unimportant.The sculptor wants to say that          
                   WE MUST TAKE CARE OF OUR HEALTH!!!

Paul 11/20/2014 14:39

In this scalpture, the sculptor wants to talk about the unhealthy foods. If we buy unhealthy foods, we will be overweight and the money will be spent. Also if we smoke cigarettes our heart
willhave problems.

Mme Lebeau 11/16/2014 11:22

I agree with you but don't you enjoy eating fast food now and then

Teenagers usually do...

Andreas Zourmbakis 11/16/2014 09:46

The artist sends us a message,he made a sculpture with an everyday woman who buys unhealthy food and she spends all her money on food.The message is that unhealthy food is bad for our health.The
woman doesn't tace care of her health,the results are that the woman is overweight.

stelios paterakis 11/15/2014 15:58

This sculpture is like a woman and she is in life size.She has a cart full of unhealthy foods and It's very fat.When i see this sculpture I think we must eat healthy foodsand not unhealthy

Andreas Plevrakis 11/12/2014 21:04

When I see a sculpture like this , my thoughts are that except the money  she spends on buying unhealthy food , she's harming her health and she gets fat which means that she's uglier ,so
this sculpture is very good because it shows us what we shouldn't do if we don't want to be like her.


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