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  • Troisième et dernière manche du défi lecture in English: l'Argent pour l'équipe d'Ancemont

    29 May 2013 ( #Competition )

    La 3ème et dernière manche du défi lecture en anglais s'est déroulée hier au collège Buvignier à Verdun en présence de Madame Durand, Principale, et des 4 équipes: Buvignier, Thierville et la Grèce en visio-conférence depuis Héraklion. Les élèves de 3ème...

  • SUPERMARKET LADY by Duane HANSON (10 A class)

    02 November 2014 ( #Art )

    We have studied this sculpture in class and this is what some of my 14-year-old pupils think: Emilie : "This is a picture. On this photo I can see a sculpture of an American woman pushing a shopping cart full of junk food. This sculpture looks real. The...


    18 June 2014 ( #Special events )

    PLACE , which is a digital resource portal, is 10 years old. PLACE now offers a series of digital resources for more than 200,00 students and 20,000 teachers in Nancy-Metz. Every member of the community, whether students or teachers, can have access to...

  • THE PROBLEM WE ALL LIVE WITH by Norman Rockwell (10 C class)

    12 November 2014 ( #Art )

    After watching a few extracts from the film Ruby Bridges , we studied this painting by Norman Rockwell: The Problem we All Live With Arthur and Thomas wrote: "This a painting by Norman Rockwell. It is an oil canvas painted in 1964. It is The Problem we...

  • Norman ROCKWELL (10 C class)

    12 November 2014 ( #USA )

    Fiona and Julie decided to write about Norman Rockwell : "He was born in 1894 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was American. He enjoyed drawing very much. He studied art at school. He sold 321 paintings and drawings to the magazine, The Saturday Evening...


    12 November 2014 ( #Cinema )

    We've watched a small part of a film called Ruby Bridges. We've watched the end of this extract: and the beginning of this one: Lucas and Quentin wrote about these 2 extracts : "There was a little black girl going to school in a police car with her mother....

  • Séan Garnier, a French freestyle football player

    30 November 2014 ( #Sport )

    Thanks to Christian, one of Christina's pupil, year-10 C pupils decided to learn a bit more about a famous French freestyle football player. Here is what Arthur and Thomas wrote about him: "His name is Arnaud Garnier, alias Séan Garnier. He was born in...


    28 November 2014 ( #Special events )

    Thanks to the European Union Student Exchange programme called Erasmus Plus Programme and thanks to Rachel, LDB amazing Music teacher, 10 motivated LDB students have won a free trip to the island of Malta. Malta Here is what 4 very lucky LDB students...


    14 January 2015

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 !

    01 January 2015


    15 February 2009 ( #Riddles )

    Why is 10 afraid of 7 ? Do you want a clue ? It's a pun! 10 is afraid of 7 because 7 ate 9. Congratulations Juliana (10C) !

  • Les verbes irréguliers dans tous leurs états ...

    16 February 2009 ( #Grammar )

    More seriously, if you need to practise your irregular verbs, you can do it on line. Click on this link If you prefer to test your irregular verbs right away, click on the link Have fun !


    14 February 2009 ( #Useful tools )

    Un problème de vocabulaire ? Le contexte ne vous permet pas de comprendre un mot ou le sens d'une phrase ? Je vous recommande ce dictionnaire bilingue en ligne pour vos traductions anglais-français. Il est rapide et très simple à utiliser. Pour y accéder,...


    03 September 2008 ( #Special events )

    Welcome back to school ! This is really easy stuff to brush up your classroom English...


    14 March 2009 ( #Special events )

    There is a special event coming up this week. What is it ? And when ? It is Saint Patrick's day, of course ! Well done Juliana !


    17 March 2009 ( #Riddles )

    1) What do you call a fake stone in Ireland? 2) Why do frogs like St. Patrick's Day? 3) When is an Irish Potato not an Irish Potato? 4) What is a "nuahcerpel" ? You can answer one or more of these riddles. OK, I get the picture. I cannot beat the web....


    19 March 2009 ( #Useful tools )

    Here's the link to the webquest on buffaloes and Native Americans. Click on this link ! This is Karl Bodmer's painting ( New Live 3e , page 52) http://commons.wikimedia.org


    20 March 2009 ( #Riddles )

    This week's idioms are : 1- "I am feeling under the weather", which I'm not, by the way. 2- "I'm just pulling your leg !" What do they mean ? Can you explain one or two of these idioms ?

  • PICTURE CONTEST: fifth photograph

    27 March 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    Here is the fifth picture. scotland-flavour.co.uk Will you be able to tell me what it is and where it is ? (Your answer will have to be precise = what city ?) http://www.tripadvisor.com So think and send your answers ! Congratulations Grégory (10C).

  • URGENT !

    01 April 2009 ( #Special events )

    This is a special message to all Year 10 pupils : I am not pleased with the test you did on Monday. Your results are really bad. So you will do it again on Friday, April 3rd instead of watching Dances with Wolves as planned. So be prepared this time...

  • What's the time?

    23 April 2009 ( #Revisions )

    If you need to revise the time or if you'd like to practise, here are a few exercises : Start with this matching exercise : link Then go on with this one : link And finally, visit this really good website : link Have fun ! By the way, can you say " it's...

  • Colours...

    22 April 2009 ( #Revisions )

    If you'd like to practise your pronunciation or just listen and revise your colours, click on this link Then you can test your knowledge with thess quizzes : link ; link ; link What is your favourite colour ?

  • The passive voice (year 10)

    02 May 2009 ( #Revisions )

    If you're still not so sure about the passive voice, here's a link to an exercise. Don't forget to have a look at my previous article entitled THE PASSIVE VOICE.

  • Family links

    02 May 2009 ( #Revisions )

    Who is who? brother? nephew? uncle? If you want to revise family relationship, click here (link) You can try these matching exercises : link http://720lignes.blog.lemonde.fr

  • The 4 seasons

    25 April 2009 ( #Revisions )

    Why not revise a bit of vocabulary and do a few exercises with pictures ? link Then, why don't you test your knowledge with this quiz (= 5 questions prepared by Isabel Pérez, a teacher from Montpellier): link

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