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  • HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 !

    01 January 2010 ( #Special events )

    I wish you all the best for 2010 !

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 24th photograph

    14 January 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    http://www.syti.net/Organisations/Davos2004 Who is this? Well done Maxime (7D) ! This man is indeed Bill Gates. He is a famous American businessman. He is Microsoft chairman and one of the richest men in the world.

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 25th photograph

    26 January 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    http://blogs.coventrytelegraph.net Who is this ? When was he born? How old is he? How long ago was he born? Congrats Maxime (10A). His name is Robbie Williams indeed. He was born on 13 February 1974 and he is 35 years old, nearly 36. He was born more...


    16 February 2010 ( #Special events )

    It is Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday today ! Read last year's article and answer this question : Where is Shrove Tuesday celebrated ? Make a list of countries where it is celebrated.

  • THE PRETERITE by Every Late

    31 January 2010 ( #Music )

    To year-9 pupils who are learning their irregular verbs ! What are the irregular verbs used in the song? Make a list. Make sure to check previous article as well to test your knowledge and try to beat the record!

  • THE WEATHER SONG (year 7)

    01 February 2010 ( #Music )

    What's the weather like? Read previous article. Then listen to this song by Peter Weatherall and answer my question. What's the weather like today?

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 27th photograph

    04 February 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    http://www.number10.gov.uk Who is this? What's his name? What's his job? How long ago was he born? Well done ! This is Gordon BROWN indeed ! But when was he born ? http://www.topnews.in


    12 February 2010 ( #Special events )

    It's snowing again. Lucky you ! One extra day with no school buses... Have a nice time and see you on March 1st ! What are your plans? Are you going skiing?

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 28th photograph

    03 March 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    Hi there ! Here's my latest challenge ! http://etablissements.ac-amiens.fr Who's that ? Why is he famous ? Well done, Maxime (year 7). This is Saint Patrick. He is the patron saint of Ireland . He drove the snakes out of Ireland. If you'd like to know...


    15 March 2010 ( #Patron saints )

    Here is a very interesting video : Don't forget to read last year's article. Here are a few useful links : link to the webquest (year 7 and 8) New ! interactive book If you'd like to play some games: hangman a matching game Mme Monin's blog for a quiz...

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 29 th photograph

    08 March 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    Who is this ? Congratulations to Anastasia (8C) and Julia (8A) ! This is a Leprechaun indeed. Leprechauns are Celtic supernatural creatures . They come from Ireland.

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 30th photograph

    14 March 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    What's this ? Good for you. Well done Julia, Anastasia, Elise, Victoria, Naomi, Ronan and Thomas (year 8) ! This is Saint Patrick's cross indeed and the flag of Northern Ireland. And you're right Julia, it is part of the Union Jack.

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 31st photograph

    15 March 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    http://www.boston.com Who is this ? What's her name and what's her job ? Congratulations girls ! This is Mary McAleese indeed. She is the President of Ireland . She was first elected President in 1997 and won a second term in 2004. http://www.nexusco...


    17 March 2010 ( #Patron saints )

    My blog has gone green again for Saint Patrick's day and so has the river in Chicago ! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick's_Day Every year the Chicago river becomes green on March 17th. Watch this video :

  • Les corrigés du BIG CHALLENGE 2010

    07 May 2010 ( #Special events )

    Les corrigés sont disponibles dès aujourd'hui. 325 000 candidats ont participé à l'édition 2010. Les résultats seront en ligne à partir du 4 juin prochain. Let's keep our fingers crossed !

  • Do you like bananas ? (year 7)

    08 May 2010 ( #Music )

    Here's the song we sang in class a few weeks ago. Enjoy !


    13 June 2010 ( #Special events )

    Better late than never... Mieux vaut tard que jamais ! Une denière photo de la Saint Patrick au collège Louis de Broglie vient d'être publiée. Il s'agit d'une photo de groupe, celle de la classe de 4eA. Cliquez ici pour la voir.


    20 June 2010 ( #Cinema )

    If you've enjoyed watching Matilda by Danny DeVito, read last year's article. Click here. What is the name of the Principal in Matilda's school ? denofgeek.com Gongrats Amélie and Julia ! Her name is Mrs Trunchbull indeed. Now, here's another question...


    02 July 2010 ( #Special events )

    Summer is here, there's no doubt about that ! It's sunny and really hot. We are so lucky... And school is out ! Have a nice time. Enjoy yourselves whatever you're doing and wherever you're going ! See you on September 2nd.


    13 July 2010 ( #Special events )

    article de l'Est Républicain Pour plus de renseignements, cliquez ici.


    01 September 2010 ( #Special events )

    Hiya ! I hope you've enjoyed your summer holiday and are now good and ready to come back to school.

  • 34th CONTEST

    19 September 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    What's coming next? What's on September 26th ? Any ideas? Congratulations Louis (9C) and Amandine (9C)! The European Day of Languages is on September 26th. © Conseil de l'Europe, Strasbourg www.coe.int/JEL

  • CAN YOU SING? (7C and 7D)

    09 October 2010 ( #Music )

    Looking for the song? Click here.

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 37th picture

    11 October 2010 ( #Special events )

    Who's this? What was his name? What was his nationality? How long ago was he born? Excellent! Well done Thomas (year 9) and Clémence (year 10). William Wallace was Scottish. He was born more than 8 centuries ago.

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 38th picture

    14 October 2010 ( #Picture Contest )

    What's this? Where is it? What does "hung, drawn and quartered" mean? Do you recognize the verbs? Well done Thomas AGAIN! This is indeed a pub in London near the Tower of London. The 3 verbs were: hang, draw and quarter.

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