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    11 April 2011 ( #Picture Contest )

    Who is this ? Describe her and give as many details as possible.


    01 September 2009 ( #Music )

    Hello there, I'm back. I hope you've enjoyed your summer holidays and are now good and ready for school again. School is coming soon and here's a nice song to start the school year. Some of you have already studied it (Enjoy English in 6e page 133). See...


    16 October 2010 ( #Riddles )

    What do you call a witch who lives on the beach? A sand witch indeed! It is a pun. Congrats Thomas again!

  • PICTURE CONTEST: sixth photograph

    26 April 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    Here's a new pic and a new challenge! http://en.wikipedia.org What is it and where is it ? http://mondomix.com Any ideas? Send your answers!

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 42nd picture

    10 January 2011 ( #Picture Contest )

    Who are these? What are their names? Why is April 29th an important day for them? Bravo! You're right , these are Prince William and his fiancée, Kate Middleton. T hey are getting married on April 29th. This is going to be THE big 2011 event in the United...

  • Do you like bananas ? (year 7)

    08 May 2010 ( #Music )

    Here's the song we sang in class a few weeks ago. Enjoy !

  • URGENT !

    01 April 2009 ( #Special events )

    This is a special message to all Year 10 pupils : I am not pleased with the test you did on Monday. Your results are really bad. So you will do it again on Friday, April 3rd instead of watching Dances with Wolves as planned. So be prepared this time...


    25 June 2012 ( #Special events )

    Year-10 pupils from LDB school went on a school trip to London last May. article de l'Est Républicain


    21 November 2009 ( #Special events )

    Nos anciens élèves de 3ème sont venus hier à la remise des diplômes du Brevet des Collèges 2009.

  • Happy Easter !

    31 March 2013 ( #Special events )

    Today's message: Don't eat too many chocolate bunnies though !


    05 November 2010 ( #Special events )

    To learn more about Guy Fawkes, click here. How did Guy Fawkes die?

  • IT'S PACKING TIME ! (year 9)

    22 May 2009 ( #Special events )

    Don't forget to pack a raincoat and a warm jumper, in case of bad weather ! But pack your sun cream and a cap as well in case we get lucky !


    01 September 2010 ( #Special events )

    Hiya ! I hope you've enjoyed your summer holiday and are now good and ready to come back to school.


    10 December 2010 ( #Competition )

    Well done to all who took part in this first reading competition! The Crazy Knights are top of the competition with 43 points. The Saint Ex League scored 41 points. The Best of Buv scored 37 points. For more information, read previous article.

  • A CHRISTMAS CAROL (part 3/3)

    02 December 2010 ( #Cinema )

    Here's the last part: Is it a happy ending or a sad one?

  • MEG AND MOG by Helen Nicoll & Jan Pieńkowski

    31 October 2010 ( #Special events )

    Here's a cartoon for Halloween . Enjoy! What goes wrong at the spell party?


    01 July 2011 ( #Special events )

    Enjoy yourselves ! Have fun wherever you may go and see you on September 5th or 6th !

  • THE WEATHER SONG (year 7)

    01 February 2010 ( #Music )

    What's the weather like? Read previous article. Then listen to this song by Peter Weatherall and answer my question. What's the weather like today?

  • VERDUN: un défi en anglais pour les collégiens

    04 June 2011 ( #Competition )

    Un moral de gagnant, boostés par tous les encouragements de leur Principal, de leurs camarades, et de leurs professeurs, les Crazy Knights ont remporté la dernière manche du défi lecture in English. Bravo! article de l'Est Républicain (4 juin 2011)

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 44th picture

    27 January 2011 ( #Picture Contest )

    What is it and where is it? Well done Lisa (year 7D), this picture comes from Greece. And well done Clémence (year 10), this is Heraklion, the biggest city in Crete, Greece. This is where our e-pals come from.

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 17th photograph

    17 October 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    Here's a new pic : What is it ? When do people use it ? You're right. It is a Jack o' lantern. People use it at Halloween to scare evil spirits away. They use it to decorate their house too. The Jack o'lantern is related to the sory of Jack (read article)....

  • Education: Le sacre des "Crazy Power"

    23 June 2012 ( #Competition )

    Article dans l'Est Républicain pour la 3ème et dernière manche du défi lecture in English: article de l'Est Républicain

  • PICTURE CONTEST : 21st photograph

    04 December 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    What the dickens is this ? What does it represent ? It represents the 12 days of Christmas. Well done Anastasia (8C) !


    21 June 2014 ( #Music )

    Nothing to do with school, although some of LDB pupils played in this clip, but a bit of fun ! Congratulations and thanks to Baptiste Kasprowicz and his very efficient team (We are happy from Verdun) for this wonderful video: Enjoy !

  • PICTURE CONTEST : ninth photograph

    09 June 2009 ( #Picture Contest )

    http://people.plurielles.fr/biographie/puff-daddy Who is this man ? Have you seen him before ? Send your answers quickly and be the first to win ! Good job Rémi (year 10) ! This is indeed Puff Daddy. For more information about Puff Daddy, click here.

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