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March 12 2009 5 12 /03 /March /2009 20:40

Here is a new challenge sponsored by Madame MONIN :

As it is "le printemps des poètes" at school at the moment,  write your own poem or choose a poem which you like...

Grégory (10C) sent me his poem earlier on by e-mail. Here it is :

"I'm Super!"  
I'm excellent, fabulous, great as can be!
Astoundingly splendid. Yes, seriously!
I'm wickedly wondrous to such a degree,
That I'm out of this world. I can see you agree!
Breathtakingly super, a sure guarantee,
There's no one as peachy or first class as me!
Phenomenal homework comes most easily,
So why is last week's marked in red with an 'E'?


Here is another poem chosen by Juliana (10C) :

California Dreaming

Locking eyes with the nomadic sun
I long to be native again.

Santa Ana winds blowing fire through the palms
bringing blue back to sky east of the ocean.

Flat out loitering until the lights come on
skateboarding home, ice cream in hand.

Four bands, one warehouse,
three dollars, general admission.

My childhood lies buried beneath the city of Progress
dormant, in a development seed.

No matter.

One million years from today,
settled in fragments of seasalt and dust,

pointing newborn fingers at the sun,
I will be there.

Lori Boulard


This poem was chosen by Brandon (8A):
  • Jack and Jill went on a trip...
    What did they see?
    Above, the sun
    When dark, a star
    And the moon like a ball
    That's what they saw
    What did they hear?
    A mouse howling
    A goat moaning
    And a bird's chirps
    That's what they heard
    Who did they meet?
    A pretty chick
    A cat on her back
    And a nice old vet
    That's who they met
    What did they eat?
    A good cookie
    A box of chocs
    And a plate of veg
    That's what they ate
    Where did they sleep?
    In a lair with a bear
    Boy! It wasn't a toy
    Poor Jack, poor Jill!
    What a trip! What a thrill!

    Enjoy English in 5e (page 74)

   Here's another one chosen by Lolita (8A) :

 A warm summer wind
Flowers dancing side to side
In the silent field.

This is the poem which Christophe (8A) chose :


He was too short
Too skinny
 To play with his friends.

He wished he could
Play basketball
With them.

One day it happened
His wish came true.

A winner never quits,
A quitter never wins.

The following poem was chosen by Beverly (7B) :

Five little hearts, all in a row
The first one says, "I love you so."
The second one says, "Be my Valentine"
The third one says, "Please be mine,"
The fourth one says, "I'll be your friend."
The fifth one says, "Till the very end."

This anti-Valentine poem was chosen by Clément and Marie (7A):

I think about you
When I smell cow dung.
I think about you
When I eat an old chewing-gum.

This one was chosen by  Prescillia (8A):

Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Watson who?
Watson tv tonight?

Knock! Knock!
Who's there!
Justin who?
Justin time for dinner.



Here's another one chosen by Julie, Amélie and Margaux (8A):

Friends at school
Are big and small
Friends at school
Are the best of all!

This one was chosen by Alexis and Maxence (8A):

Hay Fever Season 
by Penny Farthing
I don't like dust or cat hair either,
But I hate bit when skies are blue,
Nothing poils summer like havinhg hay fever
Atchoo! Atchoo! Atchoo !  

This poem was chose by Michèle (8A):

Will you remember me ?
by Chris Webster
Will you remember me in a month?
Will you remember me in a year?
Will you remember me in two years ?
Will you remember me in three years ?
Of course!
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
See! You've forgotten me already!

Last, but not least, this one was chosen by Laure (7B):

My Room!

It's only a room,
But it's my room.
My space, my base,
My place in the world.

Brown bears stare
from a ledge up above.
I don't play with them now
but can't give them the shove.
They're stuffed
too full of love.

On the floor: a pair and a half
of socks,
a bundle of keys,
without locks,
a pair of goggles
in a box.
It's only a room,
but it's my room.
Somewhere to go,
somewhere to sleep,
somewhere to be sent,
somewhere to hide,
somewhere to cry,
somewhere to dress,
somewhere to think,
somewhere to be.
     Steve Turner

Well done to all ! I've validated one or two items for your B2I. Log into SITIZ to see your new score.

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alizée 05/11/2009 13:32

Skinny Kid He was too short Too skinnyTo play witch his friends.
He wished he could Play basketballWith them.One day it happenedHis wish came true.He grew AND GREWAND GREWAND GREW!
A winner never quits,A quitter never wins.

Laure (7B) 05/10/2009 08:59

My Room!It's only a room,But it's my room.My space, my base,My place in the world.Brown bears starefrom a ledge up above.I don't play with them nowbut can't give them the shove.They're stuffedtoo ful of love.On the floor:a pair and a halfof socks,a bundle of keys,without locks,a pair of gogglesin a box          ChorusIt's only a room,but it's my room.Somewhere to go,somewhere to sleep,somewhere to be sent,somewhere to hide,somewhere to cry,somewhere to dress,somewhere to think,somewhere to be.Chorus                                                                      Steve Turner

Gaelle (7A) 05/08/2009 12:40

I think about you When I smell cow dung. I think about you When I eat an old chewing-gum.

Marie M. 05/07/2009 21:11

I THINK ABOUT YOUI think about you When I smell cow dung  I think about you  When I eat an old chewing-gum

Clément LEGRAND 05/06/2009 20:31

I think about you WhenI smell cow dungI think about you When eat an old chewing-gum

Lauren.D 05/06/2009 14:02

Will you remember me ?Will you remember me in a month ?Yes!Will you remember me in a year ?Sure!Will you remember me in two years ?Certainly!Will you remember me in three years ?Of course!Knock, Knock.Who's there ?See! You've forgotten me already!Chris Webster.

Maxime Bertrand 7B 05/05/2009 21:54

I think about youWhen I smell cow dungI think about youWhen I eat an old chewing-gum

Michele F 05/04/2009 13:36

Will you remember me ?Will you remember me in a month ?Yes!Will you remember me in a month ?Sure!Will you remember me in two years ?Certainly!will you remember me in three years ?Of course!Knock, knock.who's there ?See! You've forgotten me already!

Anthony w 05/04/2009 13:34

                                              Footsteps on the stairs
A MURMUR, A SIGH? A KNOCK     But no one is there

Alexis R 05/04/2009 13:32

      Hay Fever Season    I don't like dust or cat hair either,But I hate bit when skies are blue,Nothing poils summer like havinhg hay fever    Atchoo! Atchoo! Atchoo !   


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