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April 22 2011 6 22 /04 /April /2011 17:15

  Here's the glog Christina's students have set up to show us their school:

We've been exhanging mails with our e-pals' school since January. A' Junior students as well as B' class students did a fantastic job and created a glog as part of our online project.



Maria Markaki school is situated in Heraklion, Greece. Heraklion is the largest city in Crete and it is the capital of Crete.


Enjoy your Easter holiday both in France and in Crete!

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April 4 2011 2 04 /04 /April /2011 06:20


Foreword: This article has been written by year-7D pupils. The photographs were taken by Lisa, Bryan, Nâtan, Flavian and Thibaut B.

LDB sign

Louis de Broglie school or LDB school is 35 years old.


It is in Ancemont near Verdun, in the north-east of France.


Louis  de Broglie was a physicist. He discovered the wave nature of electrons.


This is the staff. There is a Principal. There are 335 pupils, 29 teachers and 24 classrooms. There is a nurse too.


This is my class, year 7D:

7DFloutéeRognée1We have got mp4 players:MP106.JPGThere are 2 technology rooms next to the playground.

Technology Room 1technology room 1

Technology Room 4technology room 2

There is an Art room next to the music room on the first floor.

Art Room 2the Art room

There is a Music room next to the Art room.

Music Room1the Music room

There is a computer room. There are 15 new computers in the computer room.

ComputerRoom1the computer room

There is a school library with 7 new computers.

LDBLibraryThere is a reading corner:


There are 5 interactive boards: one in my English room, one in my history room, 2 in maths rooms and one in a science room.

Room 06 (3)room 06

This is my English room:

Room 06 (2)

There are 2 science labs but there isn't a language lab.

Biology Room 2the Biology room

Science Labthe Science room

There is an infirmary. The nurse is Mrs Warin.

Infirmary1the infirmary

There is a big playground and a leisure room for the pupils. 

Playgroundthe playground

Leisure Room 1

We can listen to music in the leisure room.

Leisure Room 2

This is the dining hall:


There is a gym and sportsgrounds (2 basketball grounds and a football ground).Inside the gym

inside the gym

Football groundthe football ground

This is a staff room. There are 29 teachers.

Staff room2 the staff room

There are administration offices:

Accountant's Office 2the accountant's office

Secretary's Office1the secretary's office


the reprographic room

Monsieur Magnien is the Principal. This is his office:

Principal's Office

There is a parking lot:

Parking lot

Saturday, May 21st is an open day. Why not come and visit our school? You are welcome.


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April 1 2011 6 01 /04 /April /2011 00:36

MirabelleTVMonEcoleaMoi.jpgLes élèves de 6ème C vont bientôt passer sur Mirabelle TV...Voici les différents canaux pour la recevoir:


L'émission Mon Ecole à moi spéciale baladodiffusion sera diffusée le mercredi 6 avril à 16h45 puis le samedi 9 avril à 10h00. Des rediffusions seront ensuite programmées pendant un mois.

Mirabelle TV

Ceci n'est pas un poisson d'avril!

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March 14 2011 2 14 /03 /March /2011 01:17

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your winter holiday. Spring is in the air now and my blog has gone green again. Only 3 days to go till March 17th!

calendar March 17th


And remember, don't be a spoilt sport! Don't forget to wear green on Thursday or you might get pinched...

flag + Leprechaun

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February 25 2011 6 25 /02 /February /2011 17:00

Enjoy your winter holiday! Get plenty of rest and have fun.


See you on Monday, March 14th.

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February 11 2011 6 11 /02 /February /2011 11:06

Mme Markoulaki, a teacher of English from Greece, and myself have organised an email exchange between our pupils.

'Maria Markaki' school is a private language school in Heraklion, Greece.
My 50 students are in  year 7 C and 7 D and the Greek students attend B' Junior, A' Class and B' Class (read more about it here).
We are all so excited to engage in this type of communication!
Emails to follow will include exchanging cultural information and sharing amusing language activities, such as tongue twisters.
This is a sample of the exchange which has started:

Dear pen-friend,

 My name's .... I'm eleven and I'm French .I live in Monthairons, a village in the north-east of France. What's your name? What's your nationality? How old are you? I can play tennis and draw but I can't swim and skate. What can you do? I've got a white cat.Have you got a pet? I like chocolate and horses but I hate spiders and fish. Do you like music? Goodbye


Our names are ... and ... and we live in Heraklion on the island of Crete. We are Greek. We are ten years old.Winking smile

We can play volleyball and tennis, but we can't jump high. We have got a dog each. Sophia's dog is called Chloe and Maria's dog is called LinaDog faceDog face.

Yes,we like musicNoteNote.

Sophia is speaking now! I am in the fourth year of Primary School!Smile with tongue

Maria is speaking now! I  am  in the fifth year of Primary School!Winking smile

What are your hobbies? Smile
Please tell us about your family.
What is your favourite colour?Rolling on the floor laughing
What is your favourite animal?
Who is your best friend?Flirt-female
What is your favourite food?
What is your favourite drink?Red rose
What is your cat's name?Cat face


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January 7 2011 6 07 /01 /January /2011 17:25

I've had really special classes today as my pupils ate some Xmas pudding and mince pies for the first time.


The tasting, initially planned on December 19th was postponed due to the snow and slippy roads.


Xmas pudding is traditionally served on Christmas Day. It is dark, almost black. It is composed of dried fruit essentially. The pudding we ate matured for 12 months, so it is not uncommon to go so far as to make each year's pudding the previous Christmas.

Mince pies are small British sweet pies traditionally served during the Christmas season.


a mince pie

Some loved the snack whereas others hated it.


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January 1 2011 7 01 /01 /January /2011 01:00

I wish you all the best for 2011.


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December 25 2010 7 25 /12 /December /2010 15:00

Queen Elizabeth ll gives her annual Christmas message for 2010.
QueenSpeeech2010.PNG She addresses the nation and the Commonwealth as she presents her Christmas message.

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December 17 2010 6 17 /12 /December /2010 09:21


Les évaluations prévues jeudi 16 décembre sont reportées à la rentrée (pour les 4èmes et les 6èmes).

Enjoy your winter holiday! 


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