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October 17 2009 7 17 /10 /October /2009 16:23
Here's a new pic :

  What is it ? When do people use it ?

You're right. It is a Jack o' lantern. People use it at  Halloween to scare evil spirits away. They use it to decorate their house too. The Jack o'lantern is related to the sory of Jack (read article).

Well done Tanguy (7 D) !

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October 12 2009 2 12 /10 /October /2009 20:23
Here's a really easy one :


What is it and where is it ? Hurry up !

Cool ! You got it right. It is Tower Bridge over the river Thames in London.

Well done Clémence M. (again !!!), Anastasia A. (8C), Pauline S. (9 B) and Hugo C (9 C).
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October 5 2009 2 05 /10 /October /2009 19:51
I'm glad you like my mystery photos and want some more. So here is a new pic :

So first, what is it and where is it ? Then, what can you see if you visit it ?

If you need help and want a clue, read this previous article.

Best of luck !

Well done Laura (8C) and Clémence (9B) ! You did it again ! Congratulations !

the gerkin on the left and the Tower of London

the Crown Jewels

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September 30 2009 4 30 /09 /September /2009 08:12
This is my latest challenge :

What is it and where is it ?

It is 30 Saint Mary Axe or the Swiss Re Building in the city of London. It is also called the gerkin. It is a skyscraper which is 180 metres tall with 40 floors.

Congratulations to our winners : Clémence (9B) and Kevin (9A) !

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September 20 2009 1 20 /09 /September /2009 15:46
Here's my latest challenge :

  What is it and where is it ?

Send your answers quickly and be the first to win!

You're absolutely right  Laura (8C), it's Sandwich Technology School in Sandwich, in south-east England.

This is where Oliver Preston, Shanti Patel and Alwena Jarrett go to school (Enjoy English in 5e, page 14).

And this is their motto :

Well done Laura !
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September 11 2009 6 11 /09 /September /2009 05:17
Here's my new challenge :

What is it and where is it ?

You're right, Charlotte (8C), it is Hamstead School in London. This is where Kate, Bryan and Joshua go to school (New Live 4e). Well done and keep up the good work !
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September 3 2009 5 03 /09 /September /2009 06:48
Here's the first challenge for this new school year. Will you be up to it ? I'm sure you will...

 What is it and where is it ?

If you need help, click here.

Have you got the answer now ? Send it quickly and be the first to win ! Best of luck !

You're absolutely right, Laura (8C). It is Hastings castle. Well done !

Hastings is a historical city in south-east England. It is famous for its castle and the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

the battle of Hastings (Bayeux tapestry)

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June 22 2009 2 22 /06 /June /2009 14:12
Here is my last challenge for this school year. I do hope you'll be up to it !

Here's the photo :

So who is she ? Any ideas ?

You're right Marius. Her name is Susan Boyle.
For more information about this new celebrity, read the article intitled Britain's got talent.
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June 9 2009 3 09 /06 /June /2009 15:00



 Who is this man ? Have you seen him before ?


Send your answers quickly and be the first to win !


Good job Rémi (year 10) ! This is indeed Puff Daddy.


For more information about Puff Daddy, click here.

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May 18 2009 2 18 /05 /May /2009 09:20
Now, before going to Auschwitz for some and to England for others, here's one last challenge.


Who is this celebrity? What's her name?

Send your answers!

Great job. You're right. She is Lauryn Hill. She is an American singer.
We'll study her career when you come back from Auschwitz.
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