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September 26 2012 4 26 /09 /September /2012 06:35

Today is the European Day of Languages (official site here).


At the initiative of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year since 2001.


To celebrate the European Day of Languages, a wide range of events are organised across Europe.

At LDB school and at Markaki school in Greece, we've organised an interactive quiz on European languages. Pupils and teachers alike can participate. To do so, log into PLACE.

Best of luck!

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September 2 2012 1 02 /09 /September /2012 13:47

Voici la nouvelle URL pour vous connecter à PLACE, l'Environnement Numérique de Travail pour l'Académie de Nancy-Metz: https://www.ent-place.fr


Bonne rentrée scolaire à tous !

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July 28 2012 7 28 /07 /July /2012 07:18

The wait is finally over and it certainly was worth waiting for as the ceremony was fantastic.


27 million people watched the ceremony in the UK alone and 4 billion people watched it worldwide.


the Olympic stadium

Daniel Craig alias James Bond escorted the Queen into the stadium and the funny thing is, they travelled by helicopter and jumped out of the helicopter with a parachute!


the Queen of England!

The Queen of England is 86 years old, so of course it wasn't the REAL Queen but it is worth watching though!

Another really amazing performance was that of Rowan Atkinson, alias Black Adder, Mr Bean and Johnny English:
Rowan Atkinson performing Chariots of Fire
The ceremony was indeed full of surprises!
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July 5 2012 5 05 /07 /July /2012 16:00



See you on September 4th and, in the meantime, enjoy your summer holiday!

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June 25 2012 2 25 /06 /June /2012 21:15

Year-10 pupils from LDB school went on a school trip to London last May.


article de l'Est Républicain

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June 24 2012 1 24 /06 /June /2012 10:03

Year-10 pupils from LDB school went on a school trip to England on May 22nd.


Day 1: It was raining when we left Ancemont at 4:00 AM to drive to Calais. We caught an early Shuttle and drove to Hastings.


We picniced on the beach as the weather was really lovely. Jérémy R. took a dive in the Channel, how brave of him!


Hastings beach

Then we visited Hastings castle or what's left of it and watched a video in French.


Hastings castle

We then drove to Catford to meet our host families.

 Day 2: We started with a sightseeing tour of the capital. Our guide was Anita.


We then had a picnic in Hyde Park near the Serpentine. It was sunny and warm. In the afternoon we visited the Tower of London and saw the Crown's Jewels. Henry VIII's armour in the White Tower was quite a sight! We then walked on Tower Bridge.


After visiting the Tower, we had a long nice walk along the Thames up to Victoria embankment.


Day 3: We went to see all the touristy things: Big Ben, the Parliament, Westminster abbey, 10 Downing street, Horse Guards, Trafalgar square, the Mall and finally  Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guard.

We had a picnic with the squirrels in Saint James's Park afterwards. We still enjoyed sunny weather, lucky us!

In the afternoon we went to Baker street then visited Mme Tussaud's wax museum.The visit was definitely a hit with the pupils who enjoyed it immensely.
Day 4: We drove to the National History museum and arrived dead on time at 10 o'clock sharp.We had an hour and a alf to visit the museum, which wasn't enough but we managed to see the Giant sequoia, T.Rex, the dinosaurs, the blue whale and Dippy, of course. How could we miss him?
the National History museum
After visiting the NHM, we drove past Harrods and did a bit of shopping at M&M's world in Leicester square.
M&M's world
We then walked to Covent Garden to do more shopping and have a bit of free time looking around.
Finally, we drove to Stratford to have a look at the Olympic Park.
the velodrome
Day 5: We packed our bags and said goodbye to our host families. We spent some time at Greenwich and went to see the meridian.
We then crossed the Thames and took pictures of the barrier.
6e-jour5.jpgWe then headed south and spent the afternoon in Canterbury to do more shopping before catching our ferry back to France.
bye bye England
That week was exhausting but fun as well. Our pupils did their best to improve their English. We all have wonderful memories.
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June 23 2012 7 23 /06 /June /2012 13:23

Article dans l'Est Républicain pour la 3ème et dernière manche du défi lecture in English:



article de l'Est Républicain

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June 22 2012 6 22 /06 /June /2012 17:48

The third and final competition took place a few hours ago in Verdun. The 3 French teams (The Crazy Power, The Saint Example and the Shiny Happy Goats of Buv) were present and the Greek team (The Secret Agents) was there on the screen thanks to videoconference.


the 2012 certificate

The competition included activities such as a crossword puzzle, an interactive quiz, mimes and fun activities such as a game of Pictionary and Brainstorm.


représentation des Crazy Power par Hugo L.

The Crazy Power came top of the competition. This final competition was great fun and a wonderful experience.

You might enyoy reading the post by Christina Markoulaki, the teacher in Greece.

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June 20 2012 4 20 /06 /June /2012 09:37

La troisième et dernière manche du défi lecture in English aura lieu vendredi 22 juin de 14h00 à 16h30 au collège Buvignier à Verdun.

matilda-1Pour cette dernière rencontre, les élèves ont lu et étudié Matilda de Roald DAHL ainsi que son adaptation au cinéma.

matilda-1996-film-movie-poster.jpgForte de la victoire lors du 2ème défi lecture, The Crazy Power, notre équipe constituée de 11 élèves de 3ème défendra son titre face aux équipes de Thierville-sur-Meuse et de Buvignier bien décidées à gagner. Nos correspondants grecs qui plancheront eux-aussi vendredi à la même heure et avec lesquels une connexion par visioconférence sera établie, n'ont pas dit leur dernier mot non plus.
Les épreuves se termineront par la remise des récompenses et par un goûter.
Les parents des élèves concernés sont invités ainsi que les élèves ayant participé à la première édition du défi lecture l'an passé.
Bonne chance à tous!

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June 18 2012 2 18 /06 /June /2012 15:27

Johnny English is a 2003 action comedy film parodying the James Bond films. The film stars Rowan Atkinson, alias Mr Bean.

Here's the trailer:

Who is Johnny English's assistant?

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