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December 6 2010 2 06 /12 /December /2010 08:54

Here is a really good drawing by Lucile A., a year-10 pupil from Buvignier high school in Verdun. Congrats!


Who the dickens are these?

Congrats Jonathan! They are the 3 spirits who visit Scrooge on Xmas Eve.

The Ghost of Xmas Present is on the left. The Ghost of Xmas Yet to Come (= the Ghost of Xmas Future) is in the middle and the Ghost of Xmas Past is on the right.

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Published by Mme LEBEAU - in Picture Contest
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thibon 12/09/2010 14:35

They are three spirit that die tonight even and explains to Scrooge all the harm he has done the Cratchit family. (Tiny Tim's family)The spirit is disguised. Minds also explains that if Scrooge
continues to hurt a family of Tiny Tim,  Tiny Tim is going to die.

Jonathan (4eB) 12/09/2010 14:01

The spirit of past Christmas is the ghost who looks like an old man with a child's face. He has wide hair and very long arms. He wears a white tunic, with a bright belt. He appears to Scrooge to
remind him Christmas of his childhood.

  The second is also a ghost. It is the merry giant who wears a lit (switched on) torch. He wears a green tunic, with a classic art sheath without sword. He shows to Scrooge how Christmas
take place at the Crachits.

  The last one is dark and mysterious. He wears a black tunic and reveals the future of Scrooge.

Emilie .N 4B 12/08/2010 16:08

they are three angels

Mme LEBEAU 12/08/2010 18:32

No, they aren't.

emilie .n 4b 12/08/2010 16:05

they are three gods

Mme LEBEAU 12/08/2010 18:31

No, they aren't.

jonathan 12/07/2010 14:20

Here are 3 spirits of scrooge

Mme LEBEAU 12/07/2010 16:32

Can you be more precise?

Emili N 4 b 12/06/2010 19:42

they are the Three Kings of England

Mme LEBEAU 12/06/2010 20:50

No, they aren't.


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