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October 14 2010 5 14 /10 /October /2010 17:18

  What's this? Where is it?


What does "hung, drawn and quartered" mean? Do you recognize the verbs?

Well done Thomas AGAIN!

This is indeed a pub in London near the Tower of London. The 3 verbs were: hang, draw and quarter.

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thibon 10/22/2010 13:41

quartered = éviscéré

thibon 10/21/2010 17:46

quartered = quartier

Mme LEBEAU 10/21/2010 21:11

No, it doesn't mean "quartier".

Nicolas.E 4°B 10/19/2010 19:28

the Hung drawn and quartered Pub london

26-27, Great Tower Street, Tower hill, London, there is a jolly little pub called; THE HUNG DRAWN AND QUARTERED

reminded me of the old Caxton Gibbet in cambridgeshire

 To be hanged, drawn and quartered was the penalty once ordained in England for the crime of high treason. It is considered by many to be the epitome of cruel punishment and was reserved
only for this most serious crime, which was deemed more heinous than murder and other capital offences. It was applied only to male criminals, except on the Isle of Man. Women found guilty of
treason in England were sentenced to be drawn to a place of execution and burned at the stake, a punishment changed to hanging by the Treason Act 1790 in Great Britain and 1796 in Ireland.

Mme LEBEAU 10/21/2010 14:21

So what does "hung, drawn and quartered" mean in French?

thibon 10/15/2010 20:44

the house is in london

hung,drawn and quartered:pendu  et écartelé

the house is a big pub

Mme LEBEAU 10/21/2010 14:20

Right, but what kind of house is it and what does "quartered" mean?

thibon 10/14/2010 19:06

On the corner of Byward street and Great Tower Street sits
the Hung, Drawn and Quartered a large Fullers pub named after the traditional penaltyfor high treason in medieval times, a punishment carried out many times nearby.

Fullers manage some of the best pubs in London and this is
no exception. Given its location it is always busy so has a vibe of a well used traditional City pub. 

Mme LEBEAU 10/17/2010 09:52

Copy, paste.


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