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March 24 2009 3 24 /03 /March /2009 05:08


This week my focus is on the press as it is Press Week  here at school in Ancemont.

How well do you know the press ?

Here's a BBC quiz ( you'll have to answer 6 questions only ! ) to test your knowledge of the press. Try it, you'll find it easy after what we've done in class : link

Are there any English magazines and/or newspapers which you can read at the school library ?

If there are, state their titles. Can you borrow them ?

So when you have a moment, don't hesitate to visit Mme Monin and have a look at what's on display !

Here is a special message to year7 pupils : don't forget to send your comments about what we did on Monday, March 23rd when we worked with Mme Monin. link

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gregory 03/27/2009 14:31

yes you can readI hope it's good

Mme LEBEAU 03/27/2009 18:02

Great job Grégory !

gregory 03/27/2009 14:26

yes you can barrow

Mme LEBEAU 03/27/2009 18:02

Indeed, you can borrow them for 2 weeks.

gregory 03/27/2009 14:22

Yes there are "Take it easy" or "I love english (junior)" or "I love english (ado) or "easy going" or "easy street".

Mme LEBEAU 03/27/2009 18:01

That is the correct answer.


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